Internet and smartphone made easy. On the spot. For everyone.

Digitization is every­where in our everyday lives. We use the Internet, smart­phones and computers in many areas. For example, to write with our friends, do banking transac­tions or buy tickets. Without knowledge in these areas, it is hard to use all these things.

Therefore, the government is supporting 30 munici­pa­lities to set up infor­mation desks. At these desks, people who have little or no experience with the internet and smart­phones can get help. The advisors help with questions about the Internet, smart­phone or tablet.

The project started in April 2023 and lasts 12 months. An extension for another year is possible.

Here are some examples of how the infor­mation desks can help:

  • They help you set up an email address.
  • They show you how to search the internet.
  • They help you use a smart­phone or tablet.
  • They explain how to do online banking.
  • They help you sign up for online services.

Infor­mation desks are free and open to everyone. You can visit them if you have questions about the internet, smart­phone or tablet.

When are the counters open?

The counters are offered at different locations. The names of the locations in the next paragraph are linked. Clicking on the link will open more infor­mation. There you will find, for example, the phone number of the contact person and the opening hours of the desks.

Middle Franconia: Eckental, Fürth | Lower Bavaria: Freyung-Grafenau | Upper Bavaria: Poing, Schro­ben­hausen | Upper Franconia: Coburg, Selb-Fichtel­ge­birge | Upper Palatinate: Regensburg | Swabia: Augsburg, Friedberg, Kempten | Lower Franconia: Bad Königs­hofen, Haßfurt, Obernburg, Würzburg

Who is running the project?

zusammen digital is a project of JFF and the Bavarian Digital Ministry. JFF is an association that works to ensure that more people are media literate. The Bavarian Digital Ministry is a government agency that takes care of digitization in Bavaria.